legal and reentry Services

Below are resources on reentry and legal services that will aid in making sure people reentering from jails and prisons or who have criminal records have the services they need to regain housing and remain stably housed.

Pre-release Services and Discharge Planning
Legal Services
Behavioral Health, Employment and Other Services
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Here are some general resources to start with:


pre-release services and discharge planning

Departments of Corrections can tailor their discharge planning process to ensure stable housing options are identified early on for people as they are released, and can develop relationships with community-based providers to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are some key resources to consider for pre-release and discharge planning:


There are several legal services that can help people access housing through lowering barriers or through advocacy for people's rights.

Other services

Other services that are important for people leaving prisons and jails and searching and transitioning into housing.